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We are a highly dedicated team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced experts. Throughout more than 25 years’ experience in marketing and branding, we have created a broad portfolio in many different industries.

To us, brands that matter are not limited to NGOs or organisations in the public domain. Practically every domain has brands that matter, brands that create impact across the entire industry. Brand Catalyst operates in a range of different domains. If you are interested in any of these cases or want to know more, contact us today.


From secondary school to university, and from working with teenagers to providing Executive Education, we have broad experience in how to position, brand and market your educational organisation. We know how to build a strong, sustainable brand with a futureproof proposition, both for direct audiences such as students and in complex stakeholder management and regional ecosystems in every part of the organisation.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Nyenrode
  • Logo TU Eindhoven
  • Logo Aeres
  • Logo Noordhoff Uitgevers
  • and others


From sustainable, zero emission domestic comfort to carbon neutral natural flooring, everywhere you look you will find beautiful examples of manufacturing brands that matter. We support both smart, integrated entry solutions and environmentally friendly Dutch Design interiors, and we are proud of our B2B specialism in sustainable development that will help us grow towards a true circular economy.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Circular IQ
  • Logo Forbo
  • Logo Vaillant
  • Logo Royal Ahrend
  • Logo Boon Edam
  • and others


The Netherlands has always been a pioneer in horti- and agricultural innovation. From seed production to global greenhouse innovation, the Dutch have the know-how and the technology to produce the food solutions of tomorrow. Our achievements include helping the world’s biggest flower auction transform into a futureproof marketplace, but we are just as proud of help creating a platform for the sector with government, education and business partners. An innovation platform for the green domain that sets an example for the future.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Broekema Conveyor Belts
  • Logo Groenpact
  • Logo Royal Flora Holland
  • Logo Dutch Greenhouse Delta
  • and others


Today’s engineering is less about hardware and technology and more about sustainability with smart infrastructure. Whether it’s third generation smart city development or delivering a smart hydro power grid, we love to build brands which enhance society. Creating business concepts is our passion, and that’s where our clients gain traction. Tripartite or triple helix collaborations with government, trade and education can be the foundation for strong societal impact.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo TechIn Motion
  • Logo Powel
  • Logo Antea Group
  • Logo Royal Haskoning DHV
  • and others


Branding in the public domain is ‘not done’ – or at least that’s what we’re always being told. But public organisations need a clear purpose and positioning too. Every brand touchpoint has the potential to be a relevant and important communication moment. From the service offering to the customer journey, every aspect is essential when designing a smooth customer experience and creating channel efficiency. We aim to help build a healthy, safe society where people don’t just survive, but thrive.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Gemeente Westland
  • Logo Brandweer
  • Logo Gemeente Utrecht
  • Logo Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Logo Provincie Noord-Holland


Transport and logistics make the world go around. By air, water, road or rail, we can no longer imagine a world without this crucial sector. Whether we use privately owned commercial airlines or publicly owned rail infrastructure, this sector provides the mobility that is so integral to our everyday lives. Given the Netherlands’ status as main logistics hub for Europe, a passion for logistics is in our DNA. Creating sharp positioning and propositions with the right narrative is what we do.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Pro Rail
  • Logo NS
  • Logo KLM
  • Logo Stern
  • and others


If there is one clear goal and ambition within a single industry, it has to be the energy transformation in the utility sector. Ranging from wind and solar to waste management and renewables, sustainability is key – and it’s here to stay. But how can we build the right distinctive narrative, and how can we create a futureproof profile that makes all the difference in building a business? We have some great cases and insights to share, and we are keen to help this transition become reality.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo Pro Rail
  • Logo NS
  • Logo KLM
  • Logo Stern
  • Logo Stern


One industry that is lagging behind in branding is healthcare. But why is that? Is it too basic, or is it simply a more complex organism than other industries? Whatever the explanation, the fact remains that people in the care and cure market also need an emotional bond, a smooth customer journey and clear communication. Building healthcare brands is what we do, and we’d love to help you take your ambition to the next level.

Experience over the past few years:

  • Logo VaTech
  • Logo Sanquin
  • Logo Hospius Group
  • Logo Oogziekenhuis Zonnestraal
  • and others
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